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Jun 28, 2016
After 25 Years, What's Next For Charter Schools?
Ted Kolderie, often called the "godfather" of the charter school movement, has a new book out. He says the lack of innovation in how teachers teach and students learn is stifling school reform.

Jun 27, 2016
Girl Talk: What Teens Want Michelle Obama To Know About Liberia
Some of them have never heard of her. But most of them want her to know: Make sure more Liberian girls can stay in school!

Jun 26, 2016
1 In 10 Cal State Students Is Homeless, Study Finds
New research from California State University suggests 1 in 10 students there are homeless and 1 in 5 are food insecure. NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks to George Parker, a once homeless student.

Jun 24, 2016
Kansas Votes More Money For Public Schools To Avert Shutdown
Legislators, pressured by the state Supreme Court, passed a $38 million package for the state's underfunded schools. Justices had threatened to close all public schools in Kansas after this month.

Jun 24, 2016
Roundup: Reactions To This Week's Supreme Court Decision On Affirmative Action
The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to an affirmative action program at the University of Texas at Austin brought by a white woman who claimed she would have gotten in if she weren't white.

Jun 24, 2016
Should We Stop Telling Kids They're Smart?
Carol Dweck finds that the words adults use to describe kids' progress affects the children's belief in their own potential.

Jun 24, 2016
High Test Scores At A Nationally Lauded Charter Network, But At What Cost?
Rocketship charter schools were supposed to revolutionize education, Silicon Valley-style, and enroll 1 million students. It hasn't worked out exactly that way.

Jun 24, 2016
Supreme Court Issues Orders On Immigration, Affirmative Action
The high court deadlocked on one major issue but decided another — handing President Obama a setback on immigration but affirming a constitutional role for affirmative action in college admissions.

Jun 23, 2016
A Victory For Affirmative Action, And For Many Colleges A Sigh Of Relief
By a 4-3 vote, the Supreme Court has upheld the use of race in admissions at the University of Texas at Austin. Much of higher education welcomed the decision.

Jun 23, 2016
Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action In College Admissions
The Supreme Court upheld affirmative action in college admissions Thursday in a 4-3 ruling on the University of Texas' use of race as a factor in a program to increase diversity in the student body.

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Jun 27, 2016
Why does Gov. Deal want to take over schools? Power, control and money.
Dr. Allene Magill is executive director of the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, a 91,000 member independent educator association. PAGE is Georgia’s largest educator advocacy group.…

Jun 24, 2016
It took a village and some teachers to help Cobb fourth grader write her novel
Diane Lore is a communications consultant for Cox Automotive Technology. Her daughter, Emily Ross, 13, is the author of “Blue’s Prophecy,” a young adult chapter book set…

Jun 23, 2016
U.S. Supreme Court upholds use of race in college admissions
In a 4-3 decision this morning, the Supreme Court upheld the race-conscious admissions approach used at the University of Texas, Austin. In 2008, white student Abigail Fisher sued…

Jun 23, 2016
Gov. Deal’s teacher raise: Is it bid to win support for his takeover district?
In this pungent piece, former south Georgia superintendent Jim Arnold takes on the governor and state education spending. Arnold questions whether Gov. Nathan Deal’s “teacher raise” is…

Jun 22, 2016
New report: Placing average students in top colleges increases their grad rate by 26 percent
An analysis from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce revisits a discussion we had here on the blog last week: Do students fare well at…

Jun 21, 2016
Georgia is among handful of states that didn’t learn from online testing mistakes
When the state of Tennessee ran into problems this spring in its first year of online testing, its lawmakers did something that Georgia’s did not — they asked…

Jun 21, 2016
Red or yellow sun: Cultural differences can color student’s viewpoint
Grace Lee teaches math at Riverdale High School in Clayton County and is a 2014 Teach For America corps member. She also serves as executive director of…

Jun 20, 2016
Why is it so dang hard to shift control to the schoolhouse level?
After writing about education in Georgia for 19 years, I’ve recognized a familiar theme in reform debates. In lieu of increased education spending, schools are instead…

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